Borax Carmine (Grenacher) Acq.Stn.Sol.

Borax Carmine (Grenacher) Acq.Stn.Sol.

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Borax carmine (Grenacher) for microscopy is an aqueous staining solution. A biological stain, it is also useful in analytical chemistry and industry. It's an alkaline liquid combined of borax, carmine and water. It is utilized with dilute hydrochloric acid, and bring forth a red nuclear stain. Borax Carmine (Grenacher) is important for microscopical use. The aqueous staining solution has absorption maximum about 553nm. Stain for microscopy, the solution is often used to stain portions of animal tissue. We keep up with its excellent specifications, availability, packaging and best price.

Chemical Specifications of Borax Carmine (Grenacher) Acq.Stn.Sol. :-

  • Aqueous Staining Solution : 10X125 ml
  • Absolute maxima about : 553 nm
  • TARIFF : 3203 00 90
  • R : 10; S : 16
  • HSN Code : 32030090
  • Appearance : Violet coloured solution
  • Microscopt Test : Passes test
  • Clarity : Clear without any particles
  • Storage : Store below 30degC