Brilliant Cresyl Blue for Microscopy

Brilliant Cresyl Blue for Microscopy

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Brilliant Cresyl blue is essential for microscopy. The solution is used for the staining of trichomonads and reticulocytes for research. Also, it is utilized in hematology as chemical agent for staining of blood. It is crucial for the consequent counting of the blood cells. The brilliant cresyl blue solution is an assured preparation with good staining capability. It is formulated to bring excellent results and effects. It is categorized as an oxazine dye, safety protective wear is must while handling the material. Key applications comprise proving, counting reticulocytes as well as platelets. It's a key component in Hematology and Histology.

Technical Specifications of Brilliant Cresyl Blue for Microscopy:-

  • Empirical Formula : C17H20CIN3O.0.5ZnCL2
  • C.I. No. : 51010
  • H.S. Code : 3204.9000
  • EC Number : 279-675-0
  • MDL NO. : MFCD00148901
  • Molecular Weight : 385.96
  • Physical State : Solid @20degC
  • Color : Dark Violet
  • Odor : Odorless
  • MP/FP : 233-236degC
  • Max. Absorption : 623 – 628 nm
  • Loss on Drying : Max 10%
  • Shelf Life : 5 Years