Chromotrope 2R Biological Stains

Chromotrope 2R Biological Stains

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Chromotrope 2R Biological Stain is exclusively utilized for the staining of microsporidia in stool samples and body fluids. It is exclusively utilized in modified Gomori’s trichrome dyeing. It has has advanced chemical attraction with phospholipids and is also utilized for the staining of mitochondrial as well as endoplasmic reticulum tissue layer in histological instances. Employed in the Gomori trichrome staining of osteochondral body parts and lung sections, offered Chromotrope 2R Biological Stain is safely packed with all necessary essentials so as to keep its affinity with medical effectiveness.

Certificate of Analysis :-

  • Name : Chromotrope 2R Biological Stain
  • Synonym : 2-(Phenylazo)chromotropic acid disodium salt, Acid Red 29
  • Empirical Formula : C16H10N2Na2O8S2
  • Molecular Weight : 468.37
  • EC Number : 224-085-0
  • MDL Number : MFCD00003955
  • C.I. Number : 16570
  • PubChem Substance ID : 24892586
  • Grade : For Microscopical Staining
  • Dye Content : Min. 85%
  • Un No. NR TARIFF : 3204 90 00
  • S : 22-24/25

Applications :-

Suitable for modified Gomori Trichrome Stain