Eosine Spirit Soluble Biological Stains

Eosine Spirit Soluble Biological Stains

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Eosin Spirit is also known to be Ethyl Eosin and Solvent Red 45, which acts as a stain. The empirical formula and molecular weight of the mentioned organic compound is C22H11Br4KO5 and 714.03 g/mol, respectively. Offered compound appears to be black in color and can be used as a biological stain for staining gelatin, mammalian tissues, urine, mitochondria, lysosomes, proteins and many more. The physical state of the mentioned compound is solid at twenty degree Celsius of temperature. Freezing and melting point of our provided Eosin Spirit is 275 degree Celsius. Being freely soluble in water, this compound is basically used in the technique of Microscopy.


Certificate of Analysis :-

  • C.I.No. 45386 10 x 25 gm
  • H.S. Code : 3204.9000
  • Physical State : Solid
  • Melting Point : 275 deg C
  • Appearance : Red brown to dark brown powder
  • Solubility in Water : Freely soluble
  • Absorption maxima : 523 +/-3nm
  • Grade : For microscopical staining
  • Shelf Life : 5 years
  • Un No. NR TARIFF : 3204 90 00
  • S : 22-24/25