N-Pentane for HPLC

N-Pentane for HPLC

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N-Pentane for HPLCPentanes can also work as the primary blowing agents utilized in the formulation of polystyrene foam as well as several other foams. Commonly, a concoction of n-, i-, and increasingly cyclopentane is utilized for this purpose. It is relatively inexpensive and is the most volatile fluid alkane at room temperature, so it is often utilized in the laboratories as solvents, which can be quickly and handily evaporated. Nevertheless, because of their non-polarity as well as lack of functionality, N-Pentane for HPLCPentanes dissolve only in alkyl-rich and non-polar. It is mixable with most common non-polar solvents such as aromatics, ether and chlorocarbons.


Certificate of Analysis :-

  • Name Of Item : n-Pentane (for synthesis)  
  • Formula : CH3.(CH2)3.CH3
  • M.W. : 72.15  
  • Batch No. : N0412
  • Cat. No. : AL3429 02500    

Technical Specifications :-


Type Of Test Standard Observed
Description A clear colorless liquid A clear colorless liquid
Assay (Min.) 99.0% 99.14%
Wt/ml at 20°C 0.625-0.626g 0.6252g
Refractive index 1.357-1.360 1.3587
Non volatile matter <0.005% <0.005%

Results : The above product complies with LR grade