Octyl Sulphate Sodium Salt for HPLC

Octyl Sulphate Sodium Salt for HPLC

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We offer Octyl Sulphate Sodium Salt for HPLC, which comes in the group of generic salts known as sodium alkyl sulfates. It is the concoction of various alkyls as the term evinces, e.g. sodium lauryl sulfate. It smells of detergent and is water-soluble. Used in shower gels, shampoos, detergents, dish washing liquids, fabric softeners and hair conditioners, this can be utilized as fire extinguishing agent, as it is not combustible. In the cosmetic industry, Octyl Sulphate Sodium Salt for HPLC compound is utilized as an emulsifier so as to blend oily and water-soluble compounds for dentifrice as well as moisturizing products.


Technical Specification :-

Description white crystalline powder white crystalline powder
Identity(IR) Passes Test Passes Test
Minimum Assay (on dried Sub ) NLT 99.0 % 100.50%
pH-value (10 % w/v , water ) 6.0 TO 8.0 6.9
Max. Absorbance of 0.005 mol/l Aq. Soln    
in a 10 mm cuvette    
At 200 nm NMT 0.15 0.004
At 220 nm NMT 0.05 0.004
Loss on Drying (1200 C ) NMT 2.0 % 0.66%