Tert-Butyl Methyl Ether for HPLC

Tert-Butyl Methyl Ether for HPLC

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Our offered Tert-Butyl Methyl Ether is known to be a gasoline additive which undergoes oxidative degradation with the help of staining a bacteria that has been oxidized by propane and effectively tested. Its heat assisted oxidation with per sulphate can be easily investigated at different and varying levels of temperature, ionic strengths, pH and oxidation concentration. And, based on these levels, it acts as an ideal solvent to be used for High-performance liquid chromatography. In order to evaluate the constants of pseudo-first-order rate, the bio-degradation follows a model, known as pseudo-first-order decay model.

Product Specifications :-

  • Name Of Item : Tert-Butyl Methyl Ether 99%
  • AR Formula : C5H12O
  • M.W. : 88.15
  • Batch No. : T0063
  • Cat. No. : AL0989 02500

Technical Specifications :-

Type Of Test Standard Observed
Description Clear colorless liquid Clear colorless liquid
Assay (Min.) 99.5% 99.86%
d 20°/4°C 0.739-0.742g 0.740 g
Identity (IR) Passes test Passes test
Colour <10 APHA <10 APHA
Non-volatile matter <0.001% 0.008%
Methanol (G.C) <0.01% <0.01%
2-Methyl-2-propanol <0.05% <0.05%
Acidity <0.0005meq/g <0.0005meq/g
Alkalinity <0.0002meq/g NIL
Aldehydes (as HCHO) <0.001% <0.001%
Peroxide (as H2O2) <0.0001% 0.00008%
Water <0.03% 0.02%


Results : The  above product complies with  AR  grade