Triethylamine for HPLC

Triethylamine for HPLC

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The chemical formula for the chemical compound Triethylamine is N(CH2CH3)3 which is also known as Et3N and usually abbreviated as TEA. However, while using this abbreviation it is important to pay attention for avoiding any confusion with tetraethylammonium or triethanolamine. It appears to be colorless in its liquid form which is volatile in nature having a strong pungent smell like a fish and similar to that of hawthorn plant. Similar to diisopropylethylamine, it can be easily encountered during organic synthesizing working as a base. Moreover, it is also used for rendering salts a number of pesticides that contain carboxylic acid such as 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and Triclopyr.


Certificate of Analysis :-

  • Name Of Item : TRIETHYLAMINE  
  • Formula : (C2H5)3N  (for HPLC & spectroscopy)   
  • M.W. : 101.19  
  • Batch No. :  T0361
  • Cat. No. :  AL4651 02500

Technical Specifications :-

Type Of Test Standard Observed
Description Clear colorless to yellowish Clear colorless to yellowish
  liquid with ammonical odor liquid with ammonical odor
Assay (Min.) 99.5% 99.86%
Wt /ml at 20°C About 0.727g 0.727g
B. P. 88.8°C 88.8°C
Water <0.1% 0.07%
Evaporation residue <0.005% 0.004%

Results : The  above product complies with HPLC & Spectroscopy  grade